igor (ico) wrote,

рэпъ из черногории

Euro skeptik,
analfabetik, try not to be hermetic.

Euro Neuro don’t be skeptik,
hermetic, pathetic, analfabetic
forget old cosmetic
you need new poetic, estetic
eclectic, dialectic

Euro neuro don’t be dogmatic, beaurocratic,
you need to become pragmatic,
to stop change climatic, automatic
need contribution from the institution
to find solution for polution
to save the children of the evolution

Euro neuro I got no ambition
for high position
in the competition
with air condition
different mission different school
I got only one rule
always stay cool
like a swimming pool.

Euro neuro
Monetary brake dance
Euro neuro
Give me chance to refinance...

from http://www.eurovision.tv/event/lyrics?event=1573&song=26833&type=English
Tags: money, pop

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